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Due to Covid-19 has McLaren amongst other race teams been forced to reduce their engagement in motorsport.

My team chief got a call from McLaren, wanting us to take their place in British GT4. I will not say that I had not been looking forward to being racing some for me, new tracks in Europe as planned for this year. But with a chance at British GT4 in a McLaren, I am happy to be back.

I am certain that driving a supported McLaren will be something complete different from last year, where I was unlucky to be placed in a not competitive car, with a manufacturer that was not too keen on solving the issues with the car.

The season 2019 was not a year to remember, so I am really loocking forward to show the world that I still am a fast driver, and that I will be able to be in front of the GT4, as long as I get a car with no serious issues.