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It was not the plan to be hit by accidents this season, but at Brands Hatch we had to accept a defeat.

One of the faster GT3 drivers hit our car about 20 minutes after Jordon started his stint. The collision resulted in a puncture and ended up hitting our backside in pieces.

The collision was an extreme ending on a very disappointing weekend for us. We had been fighting with all we had to get on speed with the leading cars, as we were extremely challenged by the BoP. All other cars hat got their BoP reduced before the race, but we actually had a far less optimal car, as we did in the first race of the year. We were 1,2 seconds from the Aston’s – and that Is quite a long time in race-time. Despite the time differences we managed to get a P4 in qualify. I started in the car and had a real bad start as the driver in front went off the gas forcing me to do the same. This gave the cars from behind the opportunity to get in front. I had to drive quite a few labs before I could regain the lost position and I handed the car to Jordan on a P5.

I do not want to be malicious, but one of our biggest competitors did also not complete the race, so the damage in points is not too hard. It was my biggest hope that we could complete all races this year, but now we just have to push harder on the last 3 races.